Saturday, July 23, 2011

Route 66-Harry's Roadhouse

We're gonna have to give Harry's Roadhouse a thumbs up. An eclectic local place located on Historic Route 66 just east of Santa Fe. In three days we have eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner there. Food with a southwest flair and the servings were large enough that we could split the meal. The atmosphere was laid back and we enjoyed the people watching. Staff was pleasant and very helpful. One disappointment was the margaritas. You all know I love me some margaritas (one of the reasons I can't lose weight) so I always want to try the local fare. After several locals recommended the margaritas we stopped by on Friday afternoon on our way back from Santa Fe. What a waste of money! They were awful, which was surprising since the food was really good. One of the first things I packed in the motor home was my blender and tequila as I was pretty certain finding a good margarita may be a problem. I told James I should take a small cup of margaritas to Harry's so they'll know what a good one tastes like.

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