Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009-Kari

Thanks to everyone for following along with our blog. Our last entry was May 6! We still have to post entries and pictures for the last few days of our trip. I'm thinking that right now that may not happen. We have been very busy since our return.

Nick earned an Associates in Business, was accepted at Texas A&M and will be getting a degree in Industrial Distribution. Christina, Nick's fiance, was accepted to Physicians Assistant School in Laredo, Tx. They are planning a wedding after they both graduate and get their careers started.

Amanda graduated cum laude from Stephen F. Austin and earned her Bachelors in Early Education. The graduation party was at Uncle Brent's (James brother). James cooked all the meat and outdid himself on the brisket. There was a keg of Shiner along with a ton of food and everyone seemed to have a good time. Brent's wife, Lisa took care of the decorations and the really cute, delicious cake. Amanda is presently living in Denton, Tx with cousin Christen and her husband Rick. She is seeking a teaching position somewhere in the Dallas area and we are excited about her starting a career (and of course, earning a paycheck).

We are in Hot Springs, Ark right now taking advantage of some down time. We had to bring the dogs with us as they were traumatized last time we traveled. My sister is gracious enough to let us keep the dogs at her house. Fortunately they have four dogs already so two more just makes it more of a party. Went to Drew's (our nephew) baseball game on Thurs night. It is the first game we have been able to see him play. We must have been good luck because they won!

Looking forward to some time on the lake this week. Weather forecast HOT- (105 today) so we are pretty much staying inside most of the day and try to spend a few hours in the evening outside.

Hope you have some fun plans for the summer. Enjoy! Will update blog when I can. Remember, if you become a follower you will recieve an email notification that there has been a new post. Contact me if you need help with this.