Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miraculous Staircase

I'm still trying to learn how to post on this blog so bear with me. I seem to be having a hard time posting the pics.

These are pics from the Loretto chapel (downtown Santa Fe) where the miraculous staircase was built (I forgot the year but it's old). It winds from the floor up to the balcony area. The altar is made of wood but is painted to look like marble. It was pretty amazing.

We have not been impressed with the driving skills in this area. We have never seen so many people running red lights. Riding on the motorcycle we had to be very defensive so we finally decided to just go back to the campground and relax, do some laundry and organize the motorhome for the 10th time. It's been pretty uneventful for the last few days. Rain showers on and off making the air cooler. I'm in sweats this evening, it's in the 60's and feels great. James is running around in t-shirt and shorts and liking the coolness.

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