Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2-Kari

We are getting ready to head to Lake Ouachita for the 4th. They have a great fireworks display and we will be out in the boat watching them. There will be 5 humans and 4 dogs sharing the cabin so we who knows what sort of interesting things are in store for us. James went out there yesterday to take some stuff out and came back with 5 ticks. Ticks and chiggers just seem to attach themselves to him when no one else gets bit.

The weather has cooled a little and it is very nice this morning. High today in the mid 90's. Kim (my sister) and her family will be heading to the Buffalo river on Sunday for a few days so we will come back into Hot Springs to stay at their house while they are gone. I am hoping to get some pictures posted when we get back.

As most of you know James has spent alot of time (and money) getting the boat back into working condition. There is still more work to be done but it is mostly cosmetic. The cabin will be totally redone and the instrument panel where all the gauges are will be new. Of course this will definitely have to be done after summer when it is cooler as we are going to attempt to do most of the work ourselves. The motor is finally working properly so at least we can get it out in the water and have fun. We spent about 2 hours on the water yesterday and the boat ran great! It is very fast so James is in heaven. It was fun zipping across the lake passing all the other boats.

Hope that everyone has a great holiday and you get to enjoy the four "F's"-family, friends, fun and fireworks!