Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gibbons Creek

Our Colorado adventure has begun! Lots of stops before we get there but there's a lot to see. Stayed outside of College Station at Gibbons Creek Reservoir the first night. There were only 15 campsites and 3 other trailers besides us. It started getting dark, I looked out the window and saw deer legs behind the trees. I fixed a drink and planned on sitting at the picnic table to watch the wildlife come out and wait for James to come back from fishing.

When I opened the motorhome door I fully expected to see a cute little deer staring back at me, but instead what I saw was a big white ugly steer staring me down. I was a little confused but rolled with the flow and thought maybe a gate was left open somewhere. I proceeded to the table and realized when I sat down that the steer had brought along some friends. In a few minutes the motorhome was surrounded by cattle. The guy two campsites over came out, jumped in his truck and took off. This action led me to believe that the steers may live here. I started laughing and decided that I needed to go get the camera. I had to make my way through the crowd hoping I wouldn't be stampeded. I did manage to get a few pics in when James strolled up. He informed me that they were all over the park so guess it was a normal thing.

Vickie, these pics are proof!

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