Saturday, August 13, 2011

4 Wheelin'

Coming back from Mesa Verde James decides that we need to go 4 wheeling since we have the jeep. He starts going down these gravel roads. I was OK with it until we got about 1/2 way up the mountain where the road narrowed and there was a cliff on one side. James was having a blast, hee-hawwing and making man noises since he was doing such a manly thing. Pretty soon the road went from gravel to mostly rock. I was DONE! I'm trying to be a good sport for James because he is having so much fun, but I am terrified. I was holding my breath and holding on for dear life. I was grateful that I had my super dooper bra on that day otherwise my boobs would be six inches lower. I kept trying to find places to turn around. A bear would have made this scenario perfect but we haven't personally seen one this whole trip. James finally found a spot to turn around (I just closed my eyes) and we headed back down. I was also concerned about James' neck. He was a little sore afterward but he has come a long way in his healing. Now he wants a jeep...

We stayed close around the lake the next day as we were both feeling the ride from the day before. James still has not fished. He's hoping to get some in within the next few days.

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