Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 21 JEST Morning

This funny thing has happened. As we are heading east our clothes are shrinking. It must be the humidity..................................ha! ha! You would think with all the walking that we have been doing that we would be dropping the weight but oh no, not us.............................You can't travel and not eat the foods of the region-OK, that's an excuse but a good one!

We decided to take our time this morning. We are tired from yesterday's long and rainy day and James' leg/back needs a rest. We have decided to take the Tourmobile today so that we can see as much as possible as we are leaving in the morning to head back towards Texas. 20 days to get here and 4 days to drive back home. I will have to keep James from stopping at all the sights. We really needed another month to see more but we have already done our part for the economy. We'll be eating beans and taters for awhile but it has been worth it.

The sun looks like it is trying to peek out and it is warmer today so we will be able to enjoy more. We have to get on the subway to get into DC and that is quite an experience in itself. We'll write more this evening.

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