Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 17 JEST

This part of the country is absolutely gorgeous but I am starting to get homesick. I miss my "babies" Sammy and Ladybug. We started traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway today and has been misting rain all day. Spent 9 hours traveling a little over 200 miles. Every turn we took was more breathtaking than the one before. We stopped every chance that we could and took lots of pictures but they just don't do justice to the real thing. Being on top of a mountain that is over 5000 feet offers you an amazing view. We felt like we could reach up and touch the clouds they were so close.

We found Dutchies B&B to spend the night. We were treated to a blueberry crisp for a bedtime snack and a great breakfast with homemade apple butter to spread on the homemade breads that our hosts baked. There are two dogs in residence, Daisy a weinie dog and Dutchie a Swiss Mtn/Gordon Setter mix so I got me some doggie lovin' this evening.

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