Saturday, April 18, 2009

James and Kari's Economic Stimulus Trip

The first two days of our journey were spent at the L'Auberge casino in Lake Charles. We relaxed by the pool and ate plenty of good food. We had fun with the penny slot machines.

The 3rd day of our journey we headed to Natchez, Mississippi. We are staying at the Pleasant Hill B&B which is a beautiful historic home built in 1832. Dinner at the Pig's Inn (BBQ) followed by the "knock your clothes off" margarita at Fat Mama's. A walk in the rain was pleasant and the beauty of the landscape and the aroma of the various flowers and shrubbery in the downtown neighborhood made the walk enjoyable. Our hostess has a delicious breakfast planned which is laden with carbs, starch and calories but we will be brave and eat it anyway.

Tomorrows agenda includes the annual Blues Festival at the Mississippi River which is two blocks away. We also plan to tour as many antebellum homes as possible. It is very pretty here and the magnolia and live oaks are huge! Louisiana is on one side of the river and Mississippi is on the other. The Mississippi side of the river is on a towering cliff that gives the riverside B&Bs a beautiful setting. We are sitting out on a gallery (that's large covered porch for those of you not from the deep south) watching and listening to a large thunderstorm that is rolling through the area. An unfinished house built in 1810 sits to the side of the large home and they will be restoring soon. We will spend the evening reading and resting up for all our sightseeing duties tomorrow.

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